We’ve been around six years now, that is a long time in the technology world! Through our experiences, exploring new technologies, constant monitoring of the space we operate in, and by listening to you we are now on the cusp of some major changes.

Our new offerings

We’ve looked hard at the xcrania offering and we have spoken and heard your desire for more flexibility. We also now have access to newer technology, true cloud based services and the requirements of newer software providing greater flexibility.

We’re introducing:

  • shorter contracts
  • easier to understand monthly bills, including a simple per user pricing model for core services
  • flexible hardware options, supporting the equipment you want to use
  • cleaner finance options
  • tailored packages built around your wish-list

And you still get:

  • our in-depth knowledge of the world you work in
  • expert guidance on putting together a package that is right for you today, and tomorrow
  • the support of our service desk — including support of indici cloud based PMS, along with our traditional MedTech test environment and ability to support this product well beyond the core.

Our people

Our team – the people who get it done

As part of the reboot we have reshaped the team to ensure we deliver on the vision.

Justin Mason – All about the technical stuff
Jsutin has worked in the IT sector for over 15 years, and has been with xcrania since 2016. He started as the operations manager and technical lead, and has recently stepped up into the manager role. Over his time with xcrania Justin has led many system improvements with our core business and hosted applications. He’s enjoying the challenge and complexity of leading IT in partnership with primary care, and is ready to deliver exciting new changes for xcrania customers.

Shane Booker – All about the support
Shane joined xcrania in early 2012 on the service desk and by the end of his first year he was leading the team of six. Before joining xcrania Shane worked at the Waikato DHB, which gave him his introduction to supporting the IT of healthcare professionals in New Zealand. Shane also spent 10 years in the UK working in IT roles. He is a member of the IT Service Management Forum of New Zealand and is passionate about the delivery of value to businesses through the growth of people, process and technology.

Alicia Sunnex-Orton – All about you having what you need
Alicia has been adding a ‘nontechnical’ touch to xcrania since 2014, joining the team as our first service desk coordinator before taking on the account manager role. Alicia comes from a family of midwives and nurses, and while she got the family passion for healthcare she unfortunately missed on out the gift of a strong constitution! She had almost given up on her dream to work in health when she thankfully found xcrania. With a background in customer service, sales, counselling and disability support she is your navigator and translator in the world of technology, and takes real joy in supporting you to focus on what’s important, your patients and your business.

Your support team – All about solving your problems
Ben, Olivia, Clyde, Steve, Jasmin, and Louw are your go-to guys and girls when you’re in a paper jam — or any other kind of IT pickle! This team knows how busy medical centres can get and understand every moment your IT isn’t working for you it is time taken away from patients and business critical tasks. That’s why when you ring you’ll be warmly greeted by our friendly problem solvers, who have a wealth of knowledge and as much patience as you have patients.

The Ventures board – the friends that guide and challenge us

In the re-organisation of the Pinnacle group last year xcrania now sits within Ventures. With a focus on implementing what’s next for primary care, and designing and developing “what’s next after next” it’s the perfect home for us. Find out more about the Ventures board members.

We’re strongly positioned for the future with the expert guidance of the Ventures board and management team, plus a left-hand, right-hand relationship with indici, the cloud based PMS developed at Pinnacle to take general practice forwards in massive leaps. And of course we’re still strongly connected with the network side of Pinnacle, and the realities of general practice.

Want to know more?

xcrania are ready to walk you through the technological advancements you need to embrace to move your practice forward. We’re an IT company, but we pride ourselves on remembering to be human in this digital age. Our team look forward to continuing to take the hassle out of your IT experience so you can focus on patients, not IT – let’s talk!