What IT challenge did Patea and District Community Medical Trust face?

Patea and District Community Medical Trust is a small remote rural practice based in the Taranaki region. Earlier this year, the practice faced a problem that is all too common in rural settings – they were left without a GP for an indefinite period of time. As a result, the community of 1,500 people was required to travel to Hawera or Whanganui for medical care.

What solution did xcrania offer to help solve the problem?

xcrania, together with Pinnacle Midlands Health Network, developed and implemented a solution to ensure patients were able to be seen by a GP locally and in a timely way: virtual consults.

Within a matter of days, our expert team pulled together a system of webcams and video conferencing software, including installing and testing it at both Patea and Taupo Medical Centre. GPs from Taupo Medical Centre was then able to provide virtual consults to patients based in Patea.

What are the benefits to the practice, now that xcrania has implemented this solution?

Thanks to our virtual consults solution, the community can now choose to receive medical care in their own town rather than travelling.

The solution also enabled patients to experience real-time conversations with the Taupo-based doctors, simulating the experience they would get if the doctor was sitting in front of them at the Patea clinic. Other solutions, such as email consults, would have caused delayed service.