What IT challenge did Hillcrest Medical Centre face?

For many years Hillcrest Medical Centre was spread across three different Hamilton locations. While the practice successfully shared information across its three sites during this period, the time had come to consolidate the locations under one roof for the sake of efficiency and improved patient care. The practice faced the challenge of merging IT from all three separate sites to one new one, with minimal disruption to business.

What solution did xcrania offer to help solve the problem?

We worked with Hillcrest Medical Centre to carry out a full-service IT merge from the very start of the move to its finish.

We began by taking part in meetings with builders and other services to ensure we were all working towards the same end goal: a fully functioning new site.

When the weekend of the big move rolled around, we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in, merging the existing IT infrastructure, moving workstations and other gear, upgrading equipment, and arranging network connections.

All in all, we installed over 100 devices, including workstations, printers, and EFTPOS machines, and came alongside other vendors to ensure new IT worked perfectly: Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephones, a security system, smart TV and audio included.

To top it off, we provided all necessary support for practice staff the Monday after the move. Support remains ongoing.

What are the benefits to the practice, now that xcrania has implemented this solution?

Our full service IT merge enabled Hillcrest Medical Centre to seamlessly consolidate its IT from three separate locations under one roof with minimal disruption to the business.

Now, the practice has all the IT infrastructure it requires to successfully operate, including staff who are well-trained and competent in the use of everything we’ve put in place.