We are a New Zealand IT company with one focus:

taking the hassle out of general practice’s IT experience, so you can focus on your patients – not IT

Extending care beyond your practice

A cloud-based solution for total mobility, including virtual consultations.

Exceeding the standards for security and antivirus protection

Your data is safe and secure, no matter what. We’re backed by New Zealand data centres with 24/7 monitoring and 3G/4G back up.

Outstanding support

Highly experienced and dedicated service desk team, including after-hours assistance.

Supporting and safeguarding your practice management system

Backups, licensing, ongoing upgrades and maintenance.

Understanding your needs

All practices are different. We look after practices big and small, in major cities through to some of New Zealand’s most remote rural locations.

No more equipment headaches

We’ll look after your hardware, software and even your printing.

Keeping you ahead of the technology wave

Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The xcrania story

Ex – meaning ‘out of,’ ‘from,’ and hence ‘utterly,’ ‘thoroughly’, / Cranium– meaning the skull of a vertebrate, the part of the skull that encloses the brain

xcrania – ‘Out there’ thinking

A dire discovery in GP land

In about 2012 a small handful of brains in the Pinnacle Midland Health Network’s knowledge management team made an interesting discovery. The state of IT in many general practices was rather dire.

The list of IT frustrations heard in conversations with GPs and practice managers was long. Vulnerable on-premises servers, server failure, corrupted patient data, and poor backup processes (or no backup processes at all) were all too common problems.

This group of notoriously busy people were wasting valuable time using antiquated and unreliable hardware. They were spending their breaks investigating outages and trying to deal with other IT issues.

What’s more, the perceived complexity of fixing these IT issues, and cost associated with it, put general practices right off from taking action.

And so xcrania was born

Something needed to be done to support general practices so they could focus on patients, not IT. And so xcrania was born.

xcrania began as a passionate team of two with a desire to create a total IT solution specifically to meet the needs of general practice.

A few years down the track

xcrania has a vibrant team of people working as part of Ventures, a not-for-profit organisation within the Pinnacle Group.

We’re strongly positioned for the future with the expert guidance of the Ventures board and management team, plus a left-hand, right-hand relationship with indici, the cloud based PMS developed at Pinnacle to take general practice forwards in massive leaps. And of course we’re still strongly connected with the network side of Pinnacle, and the realities of general practice.

We focus on creating tailored IT solutions. We love to be known for our quality, innovation and reliability.

Currently, we support around 40 general practices and 1,400 individual users from across New Zealand.

Our business may have grown, but our dream remains as it was from the beginning. We’re here to redefine the IT experience for our customers so they can focus on their patients, not IT.

We’ve got you covered

We support urban and rural practices across the Midland region – check out the map below to see where our customers are.

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